Meet The Team

Steve DeMotts



Curt Salo


Lowell Schwieger

General Manager

Ryan Severson

Sales Engineer


Noel Glasscock

Customer Service/Process Estimator

Greg Lindberg

Quality Manager


Shane Compton

Production Manager

Aaron DeMotts

Building Manager


Mark Gaillard

Wet Process Manager


Steve Gray

Degrease Manager

Billy Gunderson

Cryogenic Process Manager


Matt Hauge

Laser Marking Manager


Ryan Johnson

Chemical Process Manager


Dan Keil

Electropolish Manager


Bob Novack

Thermal Deburring Manager


Jay Olson

Shipping and Receiving Manager


Chris Salisbury

Hand Deburring Manager


Pat Torrence

Blast Manager


Kevin Welk

Anodize Manager

Jason Witte 

Auto Blast Manager