Insert Salvaging

Insert Salvaging & Part Recovery

Insert Salvaging is performed primarily utilizing a cryogenic process. Our engineers have designed and built specialized machines for salvaging a wide variety of parts. When the use of a salvaging machine is not feasible, other individualized techniques are required. Using liquid nitrogen, the rubber or plastic molded part can be cryogenically frozen either in an automatic, machine-based process or by hand, if extra care is needed for delicate parts.

The most common inserts salvaged at Arrow Cryogenics are removed from molded plastic and rubber parts. Occasionally during the molding process, a defect will occur in a part that is not detected until several parts have been made. This results in a run of unusable parts and a potential loss for the molding company.

To purchase inserts for a replacement run in time for shipment to the customer can be problematic, due to insert availability and the time necessary to re-manufacture the necessary replacement parts. Our expedient insert salvaging process saves you time and money by salvaging and cleaning your inserts more quickly than it would take to order new inserts and have them shipped.

An example of insert salvaging is the reclamation of the metal part of a screwdriver from its molded plastic handle. In the event of a defect in the screwdriver’s handle, it may be more cost-effective for the customer to salvage the metal part from the plastic, than to order new metal parts and wait for them to be shipped out and made into replacements.

Our customers evaluate the cost to have us salvage the inserts out of the parts versus purchasing new inserts. Often, it’s clear that salvaging an insert is more cost effective than purchasing an entirely new insert. Call Arrow Cryogenics today for more information on how we can help you efficiently salvage your valuable inserts and parts.

Arrow Cryogenics also offers:

  • Texturing of inserts to increase bond strength
  • Deburring of inserts
  • Degreasing and cleaning of inserts

Request Sample Processing for insert salvaging. Contact Arrow Cryogenics to learn more about descalingpaint rack stripping and vapor degreasing!