What is Vapor Degreasing?

Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing process that uses vaporized solvents to remove oil, and other solvent-soluble contaminants. A number of solvents can be used in vapor degreasing, depending on the material(s) from which the work piece is made and the nature of the contaminants present. Arrow Cryogenics expertise in vapor degreasing and cleaning enables us to determine the ideal cleaning process for each customers unique application.

How does Vapor Degreasing work?

A vapor degreaser is a machine with an enclosed area with a heating element. The heating element is used to bring the necessary solvent to a boil. As the solvent boils and evaporates, the resulting vapors rise into the open space within the chamber, where the workpiece has been placed. The workpiece, being cooler than the boil liquid solvent, causes the vapors to condense on its surface. As the solvent vapor returns to liquid form, it penetrate the contaminants and contains them within its now-liquid structure. The solvent is then left to drip off the part, taking the impurities with it.

This precision parts cleaning process lends itself to a wide variety of applications, as workpieces of any shape can be cleaned through this process.

Vapor Degreasing is ideal for:

  • Thoroughly removing oil, grease, and other solvent-soluble contaminants
  • Penetrating blind holes, cracks, recesses, etc. for perfect precision parts cleaning
  • Preparing part surfaces for finishing processes such as painting and welding
  • Cleaning electronics parts and components that may be damaged by cleaning with water
  • Cleaning inserts prior to being molded into material

To see clean vapor degreasing can make your parts and components, request sample processing from Arrow Cryogenics. We also offer ultrasonic cleaning, cleanroom cleaning, and stainless steel passivation services. Contact us today for more information.