The Cryogenic process increases the density of existing materials to make them more solid and stronger, which can yield dramatic results in metal performance, durability, wear.

By placing metal in a specially constructed tank, liquid nitrogen is used to lower the temperature to -300 degrees F. The Cryogenic process supplements standard heat/quench tempering, completing the metallurgical changes that heat treating begins.

This process is ideal for providing extended wear and increasing the stress relieving properties of metal parts and tooling.

Cryogenic Treatment for Extended Wear and Stress Relieving of Metals offers many advantages:

  • Reduces friction and wear properties as well as surface roughness
  • Alters and refines the molecular grain structure
  • Allows the machining of parts to tighter tolerances
  • Increases dimensional stability on critical components
  • Relieves stress fracturing
  • Provides for easier machining and redressing
  • Increases component durability and lifespan
  • Lowers replacement costs and downtime due to increased wear and use

Request Sample Processing for cryogenic stress relieving of metals. Learn more about cryogenic deflashingshot blasting & shot peening and artificial aging.