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Value Added Services

Deburred parts

In addition to our chemical processing, cleaning, deflashing/deburring, and cryogenic services, Arrow Cryogenics has a number of other processing, finishing, and manufacturing capabilities. All our additional processes are performed in-house by our skilled, experienced staff. We offer fast turnaround times and competitive pricing.

We offer:

FDM 3D Printing 3D Printing & FDM:
Custom 3D printing is available. Our machine uses Fused Deposition Modeling and polycarbonate materials; ABS and Ultem are also available as needed. Secondary process available to improve end products’ tensile strength up to 50% (polycarbonate only).


Laser engravingLaser Marking:
Versatile, tight tolerance, highly repeatable; we use Green, YAG, UV, and CO2 lasers for part marking/identification and ablation of plastic components. Laser marking is often combined with passivation-we offer both in-house to maintain control of the entire process.


Manual Hand Deburring processTimesaver Sanding & Straightlining:
Provides a flawless, uniform finish (surface finish #4) on metal parts for food service and other applications. We can also sand and straightline tubes. Often followed by anodizing—with in-house capabilities for both, we ensure superior quality.


Annealing PlasticsPlastic Annealing:
We program our annealing ovens based on our customers’ criteria, following your engineers’ specifications for temperature and duration. Our ovens can provide annealing temperatures up to 500°F.


Artificial Aging of Casting & ForgingsArtificial Aging of Castings & Forgings:
Similar to our plastic annealing service, we follow customer specs for the temperature and duration of this process. Temperatures are closely monitored to ensure stable and accurate part aging.


Insert SalvagingInsert Salvaging:
The plastic overmolding process does not always produce the desired results. If expensive inserts are “lost” inside incorrectly molded plastic parts, our cryogenic processes can safely remove the inserts, without damage, allowing them to be reused.


 Abrasive Blasted metalAbrasive Blasting:
We provide tight tolerance, selective-area abrasive blasting for high end medical parts, commercial products, and more. Complete testing and traceability is provided as needed. We provide in-house post-blasting anodizing services,passivation, and laser marking, as needed.


Shot Blasting shot peeningShot Blasting & Shot Peening:
This versatile process can be used to provide a uniform surface pre-painting, to deflash metal parts, to lengthen the fatigue life of metal parts, and more. We use specialized equipment and custom racking, as needed, to meet customer specs.


descaled metal partDescaling:
We use mechanical processes similar to shot blasting and shot peening, as well as chemical processes, to descale metal parts and components. As chemical descaling can be hazardous to both workers and the environment, we make safety our first priority.


Vapor Polishing partsVapor Polishing:
Arrow Cryogenics has developed our own custom vapor polishing machine, giving us one-of-a-kind capabilities for this process. Our expertise enables us to balance vapor polishing with annealing and other processes to provide superior quality parts for our customers.


Plating & Paint Rack Stripping:
We have the capabilities to quickly and cost-effectively remove a variety of protective coatings from plating racks. Our stripping processes are a reliable and environmentally safe alternative to chemical stripping. Custom setups are available as needed.

With these additional capabilities and all our primary processes available under one roof, we are a true one-stop-shop for the deflashing, deburring, cleaning, and finishing of plastic and metal parts.

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