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3D Printing & Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Arrow Cryogenics offers 3D printing (also called 3D modeling) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) services. Using your digital design files, we can produce solid, three-dimensional objects that match your exact specifications.

What is 3D Printing & Fused Deposition Modeling?

3D printing and fused deposition modeling are forms of additive manufacturing, in which successive layers of material are laid down to produce the desired shape. These processes are essentially the opposite of traditional machining, in which material is removed to create the object.

How does 3D Printing & FDM Work?

In 3D modeling and FDM, virtual blueprints are "sliced" into successive digital cross-sections for the printing device to use as a printing guideline. The printer reads these modified designs and lays down successive layers of material, typically thermoplastics (Arrow Cryogenics uses PC, ABS, and Ultem). The material is heated to a semi-liquid state and extruded through a nozzle that moves along X, Y, and Z axes as needed. Layers are deposited on top of each other, from the bottom up, and are joined or automatically fused to create the final shape.

Benefits of 3D Printing & FDM

One of the primary advantages of using 3D printing or fused deposition modeling to create a product is the processes' ability to create almost any shape or geometric figure. Supporting structures can be used to produce highly complex geometries and cavities that would be difficult or impossible to create through traditional manufacturing methods; these supports are designed to be easily removable upon completion of the object.

Both processes are similar to injection molding. However, 3D printing and fused deposition modeling are generally faster, more flexible, and more precise.

3D Printing & FDM Applications

3D printing and fused deposition modeling have numerous industrial and commercial applications. Their most common use is in rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing, though, depending on the product to be created and the material to be used, 3D modeling and FDM can also be viable solutions for mass production.

Arrow Cryogenics offers 3D printing and fused deposition modeling in quick turnaround times and at competitive prices. We work with state-of-the-art Stratasys equipment and PC, ABS, and Ultem materials to create objects as large as 16" x 14" x 16". Contact us today for more information.

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