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Artificial Aging of Casting & Forgings

Artificial aging of casts and forgings involves the treatment of a metal alloy at elevated temperatures to accelerate the changes in the alloy’s properties as a result of the casting and forging process. The chemical properties of freshly cast and forged metals naturally change and settle very slowly at room temperature and will progress much more rapidly at higher temperatures.

Die cast and forged parts are available for machining after undergoing artificial aging at Arrow Cryogenics. Typically a casting can take up to six months of shelf time to settle into its permanent composition before it can be machined. Through the utilization of the artificial aging process, machinists can machine close tolerance castings and forgings much sooner. This process ensures a quality part, accuracy in close tolerance specifications and that machine-ready parts are available much more quickly to machinists and distributors.

Artificial Aging of Casting & Forgings

The Artificial Aging Process

Arrow Cryogenics uses large convection ovens to artificially age die cast and forged metal parts. Air is heated up and allowed to move freely and evenly over the parts, ensuring a uniform temperature across all surfaces. The temperatures of both the oven and the individual parts are closely monitored throughout the artificial aging process, which guarantees that the temperature is always stable and appropriate for the alloy to be aged.

We most commonly certify to ASM T-5 when applying the artificial aging process. Call Arrow Cryogenics today for more information on how we can assist you with artificial aging of die cast and forged alloys and parts.

Request a quote for artificial aging of castings and forgings. Arrow Cryogenics’ also offers shot blasting, annealing of plastic and cryogenic stress relieving of metals.