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Insert Salvaging

Insert Salvaging & Cryogenic Treatment

Insert Salvaging is primarily performed by utilizing a cryogenic process. Our engineers have designed and built specialized machines for salvaging a wide variety of parts. When the use of a salvaging machine is not feasible, other individualized techniques are required. Cryogenic treatment is one of the ways insert salvaging is used, and is accomplished by using liquid nitrogen. Through the cryogenic treatment process the rubber or plastic molded part can be cryogenically frozen either in an automatic, machine-based process or by hand, if extra care is needed for delicate parts.

Insert Salvaging & Part Recovery

Why Insert Salvaging?

At Arrow Cryogenics insert salvaging occurs most often when inserted metal pieces need to be extracted from molded plastic and rubber parts. When a part is being manufactured, occasionally during the molding process, a defect will occur in a part that is not detected until several parts have been made. This results in a run of unusable parts and a potential loss for the molding company. Depending on the situation, and potential part loss, it may be wiser for a company to utilize insert salvaging using cryogenic treatment rather than starting from scratch with a whole new production run.

An example of insert salvaging is the reclamation of the metal part of a screwdriver from its molded plastic handle. In the event of a defect in the screwdriver’s handle, it may be more cost-effective for the customer to salvage the metal part from the plastic, than to order new metal parts and wait for them to be shipped out and made into replacements.

The purchase of inserts for a replacement run can often be problematic. This can be due to insert availability and the time it takes to re-manufacture the necessary replacement parts. Our cryogenic treatment and expedient insert salvaging process saves you time and money by quickly salvaging and cleaning your inserts. The cryogenic treatment and insert salvaging process provides a quicker and more cost-effective outcome than ordering new inserts and having to wait for them to arrive via shipment.

Our customers can evaluate their situation and make a cost to cost analysis of cryogenic treatment insert salvaging versus purchasing new inserts. Often, it’s clear that salvaging an insert is more cost effective than purchasing an entirely new insert. 

Arrow Cryogenics also offers:

  • Texturing of inserts to increase bond strength
  • Deburring of inserts
  • Degreasing and cleaning of inserts
  • Plating
  • Paint rack stripping


Plating & Paint Rack Stripping

Arrow Cryogenics also offers plating and paint rack stripping services. Plating and paint racks are used constantly, which results in layers of accumulated coating material. To prevent rack damage and ensure fewer product rejects, the racks must be stripped of this material on a regular basis and restored to their original surface quality. Our plating and paint rack stripping capabilities include, but are not limited to the following chemicals:

  • Liquid paints and powder coatings
  • Polyesters and nylons
  • Epoxies & hybrids
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated polymers

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