Shot Blasting & Shot Peening

Shot blasting utilizes specialized machines to Peen the surface of a material with one of many sizes of (media). This is done to remove surface debris, such as mill scale, and provide a surface prepared for paint adhesion or flash removal.

Stainless steel and steel media is most commonly used in our shot blasting process with different sizes available to provide a wide range of finishes.

Arrow Cryogenics has a wide variety of shot blasting machines available to process our customers’ parts.

Shot Blasting is ideal for the following applications:

  • Lengthening the fatigue life of metal
  • Descaling (removing heat treat scale)
  • Deflashing die castings
  • Texturing parts for adhesion
  • Texturing for a mechanical function
  • Producing a uniform cosmetic finish

Request Sample Processing for shot blasting & shot peening. Learn more about Arrow Cryogenics abrasive blasting and plating & paint rack stripping.

Below are some before and after samples of shot blasted parts that have been processed at Arrow Cryogenics located in Blaine, MN.

shot blasted metal part