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Vapor Polishing Polycarbonate, Ultem®, Polysulfone, Lexan and Acrylic

The vapor polishing process at Arrow Cryogenics restores machined and molded plastic components to a state of optical clarity. Utilizing a chemical vapor and specialized equipment, the vapor polishing process changes the surface of the plastic part; creating a smooth, optically clear and bright surface. The ideal plastics for this process include polycarbonate, Ultem®, polysulfone, lexan and acrylic.

Because the vapor polishing process requires exceptional skill with chemical applications and specialized machinery, Arrow Cryogenics ensures that their vapor polishing technicians are individually trained to exacting standards.

This guarantees parts polished to perfection, in a strictly controlled and regulated environment. You can rest assured that your parts are handled with the utmost care and expertise at Arrow Cryogenics!

Benefits of Vapor Polishing Plastic

Vapor Polishing parts
  • Improving the aesthetics of a finished part by imparting a glossy, professionally-polished look
  • Smoothing out surface irregularities and gate areas on medical instruments and devices, ensuring that debris does not adhere to the surface of the instruments during medical procedures
  • Clarifying the finish on a part, resulting in an optically or ‘water clear’ finish
  • Creating components that light needs to pass through freely, in manifold and light-emitting applications of acrylic or polycarbonate products

Request a quote or contact us for assistance with professionally vapor polished parts. Our top-notch vapor polishing technicians guarantee quality parts with fast turnaround.

Request Sample Processing for Vapor Polishing

You can also request free Sample Processing for Cryogenic deflashing and deburring and cleanroom packaging.

To the right is a before and after sample of a part that has been processed at Arrow Cryogenics.