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Cleanroom Precision Medical Parts Cleaning & Packaging

Cleanroom Parts Cleaning & Packaging

Cleanrooms have become a necessity for medical parts cleaning and precision parts cleaning and packaging for the electronics market, among other clean-critical industries.

To meet our customers’ exacting requirements, Arrow Cryogenics maintains an in-house, Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) cleanroom for cleaning and packaging. Our cleanroom is specially designed to minimize airborne particles and meets stringent cleanliness specifications for both the medical and electronics industries.

Arrow Cryogenics cleans and processes parts for final packaging using a variety of methods, such as stainless steel passivationelectropolishing, and ultrasonic cleaning, all performed in our cleanroom. 

Person dressed in hygienic coverings, including hair net, mask, goggles, and gloves, works at a cleanroom sink.

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Arrow Cryogenics’ Cleanroom Cleaning & Packaging Services

Along with customer-approved chemicals and detergents, Arrow Cryogenics uses 18 meg ohm deionized water, alcohol, pressure, nitrogen, and ionized air to clean and package your parts in our cleanroom prior to shipping. Our in-house deionization and reverse osmosis water purification systems ensure that only the purest water is used for our cleanroom parts cleaning and passivation applications.

The benefits of our meticulous cleanroom cleaning and packing services include:

  • improved surface finish quality
  • reduced inspection time
  • parts cleaned and packaged to industry standards

Our top-quality cleanroom technicians assure your parts are cleaned to your exact specifications and shipped on time. 

Cleanroom Cleaning for All Industries & Applications

Cleanroom Parts Cleaning & Packaging

From heavy-duty degreasing to the removal of microscopic particles and residue, Arrow Cryogenics meets or exceeds even the most rigorous cleaning and packaging requirements, and can certify to your precise standards and specifications.

We clean and package:

  • Aerospace parts
  • Medical devices
  • Medical parts
  • Military parts
  • Instrument tubing
  • Food & beverage handling equipment
  • Pumps, valves, fittings, gauges
  • and much more 

Medical Parts Cleanroom Cleaning

The requirements for medical parts cleaning are stringent and must be strictly adhered to. Because many medical parts and components may be used in life and death situations, each and every part must meet the same high standards of quality and cleanliness. When choosing a company for medical parts cleaning, choose a company that pays attention to the details and consistently meets or exceeds the high-quality standards of the industry. Learn more about our cleaning services and finishing processes for precision manufactured medical components.

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We also offer vapor degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning services.