Ultrasonic Cleaning

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a process in which high frequency vibrations create cavitation bubbles in a prepared cleaning solution in which the part or parts being cleaned are submerged. These bubbles effectively scrub away surface contaminants and provide a clean final surface. Ultrasonic cleaning can be used on most materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and rubber. 

By sending your parts to Arrow Cryogenics for ultrasonic cleaning, you can reduce or eliminate the need for hazardous cleaning chemicals in your workplace. Request a quote on ultrasonic cleaning or contact us to learn more.

How Does Ultrasonic Cleaning work?

Specialized transducers are placed in or attached to the bottom of a tank, which is then filled with a prepared liquid cleaning solution. Parts are placed in the solution, and the transducers produce high frequency sound waves in the liquid. These sound waves create millions of microscopic bubbles in a process known as cavitation.

As the bubbles (or cavities) burst, they release large amounts of stored energy. This release of energy displaces contaminants from the surface of the part or material being treated. Contaminants of all kinds can be quickly and effectively removed with ultrasonic cleaning, including dirt, dust, oil, grease, lime scale, and many, many others.

Arrow Cryogenics ultrasonic cleaning services provide fast turnarounds and consistent cleaning, and help create a safer work environment for your employees. 

Our ultrasonic cleaning services are ideal for:

  • Cleaning components in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Removing tightly adhered particles from solid surfaces
  • Penetrating blind holes, cracks, and recesses
  • Thoroughly cleaning complex parts

Arrow Cryogenics' Ultrasonic Cleaning Capabilities

Arrow Cryogenics has some of the most powerful ultrasonic cleaning equipment available. Several of our ultrasonic cleaning machines are stationed inside cleanrooms, where they’re used for precision parts cleaning for highly sensitive or clean-critical applications. Other ultrasonic cleaning systems, located in non-cleanroom environments, are prepared with several different cleaning solutions for different types of parts and different cleaning requirements.

Request a quote on ultrasonic cleaning for your parts and components, or contact Arrow Cryogenics for more information. Sample processing is available.

We also offer cleanroom cleaning and vapor degreasing services.