Cryogenic Deflashing & Deburring

Arrow Cryogenics has been offering cryogenic deflashing and deburring to numerous industries since 1983. Our expertise, along with a wide variety of cryogenic deflashing machines, has allowed us to customize equipment, invent processes and master the art of turning your precision components into high quality, finished parts.

Cryogenic deflashing and deburring is one of the most efficient and cost-effective processes to remove flash from injection molded parts and burrs from machined components. This process can be completed on a wide variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, silicone and light metal die castings.

Cryogenic Deflashing

Cryogenic deflashing of rubber and plastic parts removes unwanted residual mold flash that is found on molded parts after removal from the mold. Flash is typically found in areas where the mold comes together or apart, when the liquid mold material escapes from the mold cavity during production. Cryogenic deflashing does not degrade the parts or harm their finish, with only the flash removed and the shape of the part retained. Edges stay sharp and recessed areas are completely cleaned of flash.

A wide range of molded materials can be deflashed with great precision:

  • Silicone
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Die Casting

Typical examples of applications that use cryogenic deflashing include:

  • O-rings & gaskets
  • Medical implants, surgical tools and devices
  • Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins
  • Gears, washers and fittings
  • Grommets and flexible boots
  • Manifolds and valve blocks

Cryogenic Deburring

A raised edge of excess material on a metal part, called a burr, is the result of performing a machining operation such as grinding, milling, drilling or turning. Removing this burr is called deburring. Cryogenic deburring of components increases their safety, quality and functionality. Cryogenic deburring is much more economical and efficient than labor intensive hand deburring. You can save time, cost, and have consistent quality using cryogenics for deburring.

The Deflashing and Deburring Process

Using liquid nitrogen during our deflashing and deburring process, components are lowered to a temperature that allows the material to become brittle. Then, utilizing our cryogenic deflashing machines the flash and burrs are easily removed without altering the finish on the parts. In some cases, we are asked to change the finish on certain parts or provide a polished or textured finish. Arrow Cryogenics will work closely with you to achieve the finish you require.

Request Sample Processing for Cryogenic Deflashing & Cryogenic Deburring. Contact Arrow Cryogenics to learn more other deflashing and deburring services: vibratory/tumble deburring, hand deburringthermal deburring and centrifugal finishing.

Below are some before and after samples of parts that have been deflashed or deburred at Arrow Cryogenics.

Deburred parts     Deburred parts     Deflashed parts