Cryogenic Metal Treatment for Extended Wear

Arrow Cryogenics’ cryogenic treatment process increases the density of metal materials. This makes them stronger and more solid, which in turn provides a dramatic increase in performance, durability, and wear resistance.

How Does Cryogenic Metal Stress Relief Treatment Work?

In the first step in cryogenic metal stress relief, we place your parts in a specially constructed, insulated tank. Then, liquid nitrogen is used to lower the temperature inside the chamber to -300°F (-184°C). We use a “dry process” for cryogenic metal treatment for extended wear. The liquid nitrogen never touches the parts themselves—it is used only to cool the tank.

Automated control systems carefully monitor the introduction of liquid nitrogen, ensuring that the temperature is lowered at a safe rate that will not damage, distort, or stress parts. Once the target temperature is reached, parts remain in the cooling tank for an extended period of time; cooling time is determined by the material of construction, the thickness of the material, and other factors.

During this period, the microstructure of the material is permanently altered—the relatively soft austentic grain structure is realigned into a smaller, stronger, life-extending martensitic grain structure. Once the transformation is complete, parts are slowly returned to room temperature, then heated (to as much as 300°F/149°C) to temper the material and permanently solidify the altered grain structure. 

Cryogenic metal stress relief treatment completes the metallurgical changes begun by heat treating processes, and acts as a supplement to standard heat/quench tempering. In addition to reduced stresses, treated parts exhibit greater durability and wear resistance. And, because the metal stress relief process transforms the material’s internal grain structure, it remains effective throughout the life of the part. Parts can be repeatedly machined without losing the benefits of the treatment.

Advantages of Extended Wear Cryogenic Treatment

  • Improves wear properties for extended part life
  • Reduces replacement costs and downtime
  • Reduces friction and surface roughness
  • Alters and refines the material’s molecular grain structure
  • Allows parts to be machined to tighter tolerances
  • Increases dimensional stability on critical components
  • Reduces stress fracturing
  • Makes machining and redressing easier
  • Increases component durability and lifespan 

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