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Harperizing / Centrifugal Finishing

Harperizing/Centrifugal Finishing is a high energy mass tumbling process that uses G forces to finish parts. Harperizing/Centrifugal Finishing will debur and polish parts in a much shorter period of time than conventional tumbling and vibratory finishing. Because of the G forces produced, there is also the ability to reach areas where conventional tumbling and vibratory finishing cannot reach.

Due to the size of these machines, Harperizing/Centrifugal Finishing is primarily used with parts ranging in size from .010” to 2”.

Request Sample Processing for harperizing/centrifugal finishing. Contact Arrow Cryogenics to learn more about their vibratory finishing & tumble deburring!

Below are some before and after samples of parts that have been processes at Arrow Cryogenics.

Harperizing finished product     Centrifugal finishing