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Thermal Deburring Services (TEM Deburring)

Thermal deburring is a highly effective process that can be applied to parts of all shapes and sizes. It not only removes burrs from external part surfaces, but also internal burrs and burrs in difficult or impossible-to-access areas, such as inside tapped holes or other cavities. Thermal deburring delivers fast, reliable results.

Arrow Cryogenics has been providing hydraulic manifold block deburring services since 1983 and has the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to turn your unfinished components into high quality, finished parts. We have experience working with a broad range of materials and can help you select the right process for your application.

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Thermal deburred metal parts

Old worn copper colored metal parts before deburring

What Is the Difference Between Cryogenic Deburring and Thermal Deburring?

Both processes are uses to remove burrs from machined parts, but the methods are quite different. Cryogenic deburring uses extremely low temperatures to freeze and weaken burrs, which are then removed using media. Thermal deburring, on the other hand, uses extremely high temperatures and combustion to heat and burn off burrs.

Using the Thermal Deburring Process for Finishing Metal Parts

The thermal deburring process is ideal for removing burrs in difficult to reach areas, such as those in machined and die cast parts. Thermal deburring is conducive for all types of metal, except for magnesium and offers several benefits, including:

  • Less costly and time-consuming than hand deburring
  • Fast and effective removal of small or large burrs
  • Does not damage part surface or affect part geometry thread forms
  • Higher level of consistency than manual deburring methods

In thermal deburring, heat is used to deburr parts. Parts are sealed in a closed chamber that is filled with a mixture of oxygen and natural gas. The mixture is then is ignited to generate combustion as an energy source for processing. During the combustion process, the short burst of intense heat that is created affects all surfaces inside the thermal deburring machine. Though this blast of heat only lasts roughly 20 milliseconds, temperatures can reach upwards of 3000°C (5430°F).

Because they have a relatively large surface area in relation to their mass, burrs are quickly heated above the combustion point and burn off, combining with excess oxygen to create an oxide powder that is easily cleaned away after processing. The remainder of the part, having considerably greater mass, is unaffected by the brief burst of heat. The part′s dimensions and metallurgy also remain unchanged.

TEM deburring services are used by several industries including:


Determining which method is the best option for deburring metal depends on the size of the burrs being removed and the type of material being finished. Contacting Arrow Cryogenics to review your deburring needs is the first step.

Below are samples of parts that have been processed via thermal deburring by Arrow Cryogenics.

Thermal Deburring Parts     Thermal Deburring parts


Thermal Deburring Parts     Thermal Deburred Part

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We offer thermal deburring, deflashing and other services for metal, plastic and rubber parts. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss which method is the best choice for your machined parts.