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Vibratory / Tumble Deburring & Finishing

Vibratory deburring and tumble deburring is a mass finishing process that depends on friction for results. A machine is utilized that provides vibratory action and causes media to be rubbed against the parts to be finished. Many types of media can be used, depending on the required finish.

Vibratory and Tumble Finishing is ideal for the following applications:

  • Removal of burrs
  • Creating radius edges for safe handling
  • Prepping parts for plating
  • Texturing parts for adhesion
  • Polishing parts for appearance

Ball burnishing is also accomplished with Vibratory or Tumble Finishing Machines. By using a hardened steel media and the right compound, Arrow is able to produce a smooth, polished finish on our customers’ parts.

Arrow Cryogenics has several different vibratory machines and tumbling barrels in a variety of sizes to meet our customers’ needs. We also have a large supply of media in many different shapes and sizes, and varied compositions of media to provide the exact finish needed.

From small parts to very large, Arrow Cryogenic has the right machine and the exact media to provide the exact finish required.

Request Sample Processing for vibratory/tumble deburring & finishing. Learn more about Arrow Cryogenics’ thermal and hand deburring services.

Below are some before and after samples of parts that have been processed at Arrow Cryogenics.

Tumble deburring process     Victory tumble deburring process