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Green Laser Marking

Green laser marking involves using a 532nm wavelength to perform precision marking on a wide range of materials, particularly, those that are sensitive or that react poorly to other wavelengths. The light emitted by green laser marking machines is bright green in color and the wavelength is about half that of other high-speed laser marking machines.

Advantages of green laser marking are that it is a permanent and tamper-resistant marking solution for a range of materials. It also produces better legibility than printing with ink and is more reliable and bio-compatible. Green laser engraving is used for product traceability, identification and labeling, and to create images on product parts.

Because green lasers produce lower thermal energy and have a high absorption rate, they work well for soft or sensitive materials that would be damaged by standard 1064 nm lasers. Because green laser marking has a short wavelength, it can produce sharp, yet shallow etchings that cause minimal damage to the material. Green laser marking is ideal for micro marking on small items and other high precision applications.

Some examples of green laser applications include:

  • Printed circuit boards and other electronic components
  • Engraving part numbers and sizing information on hardware and tools
  • Labeling and identification for electrical wires and cabling
  • Providing permanent identification and traceability for auto parts
  • Adding letters, numbers, or graphics to instrument panel switches
  • Marking magnetic cards with logos, barcodes and images

Green Laser Marking and Engraving Services

Arrow Cryogenics uses specially designed green laser marking equipment capable of laser marking and etching highly reflective metals and sensitive materials, including the smallest of workpieces. Our green laser uses a small, focused beam that produces a 532nm wavelength that works for a wide range of materials, including precision marking on soft plastics, ceramics and metal.

Green laser engraving is suitable for applications involving semiconductor components and sensitive materials that require low thermal transfer. We work with three types of green laser engraving equipment and can accommodate a wide range of materials ranging from steel to plastic.

Industries we work with for green laser marking include:

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