Arrow Cryogenics, Inc., offers thermal deburring, cryogenic deflashing, and other finishing services for hydraulic components. Valves bodies and other complex hydraulic parts can be difficult or impossible to completely deburr or deflash by other methods, as holes in the interior of these parts are not readily accessible. We provide efficient, complete deburring, deflashing, and more for a wide range of metal, plastic and rubber hydraulic components.

We provide anodizing and hardcoat anodizing for aluminum hydraulic components. Anodizing aluminum parts improves their corrosion resistance and dielectric properties, and offers numerous other performance benefits.

Arrow Cryogenics can also clean your hydraulic components prior to assembly using ultrasonic cleaning, vapor degreasing, and other methods. Our cleaning services are ideal for seals, gaskets, o-rings, and similar components, and we can help you determine the best, most effective method for your parts. We also offer on-site cleanroom cleaning and packaging.

We offer numerous other services, as well, including laser marking, stainless steel passivationabrasive blasting and texturing, and many others.

Request sample processing to see what we can do for you, or contact Arrow Cryogenics to learn more about how our finishing services can improve the performance of your hydraulic components.