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Pharmaceutical Parts Finishing Services

Pharmaceutical Parts Finishing Services

Arrow Cryogenics, Inc., provides first-class pharmaceutical parts finishing services for parts and components of pharmaceutical handling and manufacturing equipment. Available pharmaceutical parts finishing services include:

  • Cryogenic deflashing – Cryogenic pharmaceutical parts deflashing of rubber and plastic parts removes unwanted residual mold flash that is found on molded parts after removal from the mold. Flash is typically found in areas where the mold comes together or apart, when the liquid mold material escapes from the mold cavity during production. Cryogenic pharmaceutical parts deflashing does not degrade the parts or harm their finish, with only the flash removed and the shape of the part retained. Edges stay sharp and recessed areas are completely cleaned of flash. Parts that benefit from cryogenic pharmaceutical parts deflashing include: Silicone implants, IV connectors, and other molded rubber and plastic parts.
  • Thermal deburring - Pharmaceutical parts thermal deburring is a highly effective process that can be applied to parts of all shapes and sizes. It not only removes burrs from external part surfaces, but also internal burrs and burrs in difficult or impossible-to-access areas, such as inside tapped holes or other cavities. The pharmaceutical parts thermal deburring process delivers fast, reliable results.
  • Passivation - Passivation of pharmaceutical stainless steel parts and components is a process that makes stainless steel even less susceptible to corrosive environmental factors, such as air and water. In stainless steel passivation, exogenous iron and/or iron compounds are removed from a stainless steel surface. Pharmaceutical passivation improves the condition of part surfaces by removing surface contaminants in a chemical bath.
  • Electropolishing – Electropolishing of stainless steel pharmaceutical parts removes impurities, imperfections and burrs ion by ion, from the surface of the metal object being processed. Electropolishing of stainless steel pharmaceutical parts is an effective replacement for more traditional mechanical finishing techniques.
  • Laser marking – Laser Marking is ideal for part identification that stands up to repeated high-temperature sterilization and harsh cleaning chemicals. Arrow Cryogenics' state-of-the-art, high-speed, non-contact laser marking systems provide superior results on nearly any material you need marked.
  • Cleanroom cleaning and packaging - Cleanrooms are a necessity for medical parts cleaning and precision parts cleaning and packaging. Arrow Cryogenics maintains an in-house, Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) clean room for cleaning and packaging. Our clean room is specially designed to minimize airborne particles and meets stringent cleanliness specifications for both the medical and electronics industries.
  • Hardcoat anodizing – Hardcoat anodizing improves the corrosion and wear resistance of aluminum manufacturing and handling components. Hardcoat anodizing also provides a surface that is more wear resistant and has a smoother and harder surface than standard anodizing.
  • and many others.

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