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Nadcap Certification for Aerospace Quality Systems

Arrow Cryogenics is Nadcap certified for chemical processing and is in compliance with the AC7004 Aerospace Quality System for the Aircraft, Space and Defense Industry. As part of Nadcap accreditation, our processes were audited based on stringent industry guidelines and are regularly reviewed to maintain compliance.

See our Nadcap FAQ’s below to learn more about the certification and how it benefits our aerospace customers.

What Are Nadcap Processes for Aerospace?

Nadcap is an acronym for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program and describes accreditation of various processes used by companies providing service to the aerospace industry. These processes include machining, chemical processing, the application of coatings, heat treating, and more. For a process to receive Nadcap accreditation it must be audited based on strict guidelines determined by a committee of aerospace industry experts.Nadcap Accredited logo

Nadcap Chemical Processing for Aerospace

Various post-fabrication chemical processes such as passivation, anodizing, hard coat anodizing, and chromating are used in the finishing of aerospace parts and components. These processes involve the use of chemicals and are used on stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys to help improve corrosion resistance by forming a protective layer of oxidation. Chemical processing is also used for non-destructive testing where a thin layer is removed from the surface of a component, so the part can be inspected.

Nadcap Accreditation for Aerospace Quality Systems

Aerospace quality systems include quality management systems that meet the requirements of AC7004 and chemical processing certification for Aviation, Space & Defense organizations. The standards of these certifications are designed for companies that design, develop or produce products for the aerospace industry and define the parameters for providing safe and reliable products and services.   

Why Is Nadcap Accreditation Important for Aerospace Suppliers?

When a company is Nadcap certified, their processes have been reviewed by approved auditors from the Performance Review Institute (PRI). The review is conducted using a checklist based on stringent industry standards and all nonconformance issues are reported; these issues must be corrected prior to a company receiving Nadcap accreditation. A secondary review is conducted by a task group of industry professionals who are well-versed in aerospace industry specifications and quality requirements. After a review of the final audit report, the certification is issued.

For high precision industries like aerospace, it is critical that products and processes meet performance requirements. The audits required for Nadcap certification help companies improve their processes by establishing tighter controls for production and process management. Audit requirements are also regularly updated by a task group of contractors, government representatives and suppliers associated with the aerospace industry.

How Do Aerospace Customers Benefit from Nadcap Accreditation?

Nadcap accreditation benefits not only the company but helps ensure customers receive products that meet or exceed their expectations and requirements. The audit and accreditation processes involve a detailed audit of a company’s various aerospace processes. Any deficiencies are corrected based on the certification’s stringent guidelines to ensure each process meet industry standards.

Benefits of working with a Nadcap certified aerospace supplier include:

  • Processes reviewed against strict industry guidelines to improve product quality
  • Regular reviews to further improve processes and increase standards
  • Standardized processes provide higher efficiency, which saves customers time and money
  • Nationally recognized certification managed by aerospace industry professionals

Contact us to learn more about our Nadcap certification or to discuss finishing services for your aerospace application. View Arrow Cryogenics Nadcap certification.