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Plating/Paint Rack Stripping and Coating Removal

When manufacturing parts, often the last step in the manufacturing process is the plating or coating of the part with paint, a powder coating, epoxy or other substance. Parts are loaded onto a rack for coating and then removed when the coating process is complete.

Plating and paint racks are used continually, resulting in layers of accumulated coating material. To prevent rack damage and ensure fewer product rejects, the racks must be stripped of this material on a regular basis and restored to their original surface quality.

Cryogenics and Abrasive Media Blasting for Rack Stripping

Arrow Cryogenics primarily utilizes cryogenics and also abrasive media blasting to remove excess material on one set of racks while the client continues production runs with another set. In addition to paint rack stripping, we also offer stripping of paint and coatings from parts, if the part coating is not satisfactory.

By relying on Arrow Cryogenics to cryogenically strip your paint and coating racks, you eliminate the need for unsafe stripping chemicals in the workplace and avoid metal fatigue from using burn-off ovens to remove paint or coatings from your racks.

Remove Various Types of Coating

The plating and paint rack stripping procedures at Arrow Cryogenics are capable of removing several different types of coatings:

  • Liquid paints and powder coatings
  • Polyesters and nylons
  • Epoxies & hybrids
  • Chlorinated and fluorinated polymers

Coating Removal Solutions with Arrow Cryogenics

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