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Cryogenic Application in Medical Electronics

The standards behind medical manufacturing are stringent and must be strictly adhered to. Because many medical parts are used in life and death situations, the quality behind the product must stand through. When choosing a company for your cleanroom processing services, choose a company with attention to detail and high quality standards.

Cleanrooms have become a necessity in finishing processes for medical components. From controlling airborne particles to removing impurities from the components, it's important to invest in the best. There are many different finishing techniques used in medical cleaning, three of them include stainless steel passivationelectropolishing, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Stainless Steel Passivation

This type of cleaning method removes impurities from the metal using a chemical solution. The stainless steel surface of the component is not affected by the passivation process. Instead the chemicals improve the corrosion resistance properties without the use of plating and provide a superior surface finish for priming or painting.


This cleaning technique uses a temperature controlled electrolyte solution and power currents to remove imperfections from the component surface. A positive terminal is connected to the component while the negative terminal is connected to a cathode. By using a rectifier current, metal ions are pulled from the component and into the electrolyte solution, leaving a polished, clean surface. This cleaning method is often referred to as reverse plating.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

This method sends high frequency sound waves through a cleaning solution to scrub the impurities from metal components. The bubbles created by the high frequency are able to penetrate every crevice and indentation on the component. The powerful energy brought on by the microscopic bubbles provides a superior surface finish by removing any surface contaminants of the component.

Though many means can be used to clean medical components, it's important to go with the best. As a manufacturer or manufacturing representative, not only your products are on the line, but your reputation as well if the finishing processes are not done properly. When it comes to your products, work with secondary processing companies that know and adhere to the medical standards put forth by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) requirements. A quality, ISO registered company will understand the device classifications and exemptions it may have in order to follow the standards exactly.

Laser Marking and Laser Etching

Arrow Cryogenics now offers high quality laser marking. Using our state-of the art laser marking systems, we can create precise results time after time.

Add numbers, text, color, codes, functional elements and more. Using our new high-speed, non-contact laser marking systems, we can reproduce even the finest details with complete accuracy on the most delicate and smallest components.

Arrow Cryogenics currently uses three different types of lasers: YAG, UV, and green lasers.

Having three different types of lasers allows us to laser mark on most materials. From laser marking steel to plastic, the laser process can mark components that are too difficult or impossible using other methods.

Trust Arrow Cryogenics for the convenience and security of one-stop finishing! Save time, expense and potential risk involved in shipping components between vendors. Arrow Cryogenics has a wide range of services you need to turn your precision parts into precision pieces.

Laser marking/laser engraving is just one of the services we offer. Along with having your components marked at Arrow Cryogenics

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