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Cryogenic Deburring Services

Cryogenic deburring removes burrs from machined parts to produce a smoother, high-quality finish. This process makes parts safer and easier to handle during assembly. Cryogenic Deburring services can provide handler safety, as well as prevent hazardous situations caused by burrs flaking off if they have not been removed. 

Arrow Cryogenics offers cryogenic deburring for processed metal in a range of industries and applications.

Cryogenic Deburring Provides Safe, Clean Removal of Burrs

A raised edge or rough edge of excess material created from a machining process is called a burr. A burr is a result of performing a machining operation such as grinding, milling, drilling, or turning. Burrs are created on plastic, die-cast, and metal parts.

Removing this burr is called deburring. The cryogenic deburring process involves placing the parts in a deburring machine, then using liquid nitrogen to cool the parts to a low temperature. Once the burrs freeze, parts are run through a machine with media to remove the burrs. 

The removal of burrs is what differentiates deburring from deflashing. Deflashing is the removal of excess material from molded parts, known as flash. Deburring, however, removes excess material from machined parts, often appearing as sharp pieces or flakes of metal.

Cryogenics for deburring allows for safe, clean removal of burrs without damaging the surface or altering the geometry of a part. It is highly effective and can be used on a broad range of plastic, rubber, and die-cast materials.  

Cryogenic deburring is used to finish a variety of machined parts such as:

  • Medical implants, surgical tools, and devices
  • O-rings & gaskets
  • Grommets and flexible boots
  • Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins
  • Manifolds and valve blocks
  • Gears, washers, and fittings

Cryogenic Deburring Services Improve the Look and Quality of Components

Cryogenic deburring machines can process anywhere from several to a few hundred pieces at once, saving a significant amount of time over hand deburring methods. Since the entire process is computer-controlled, temperatures can be programmed for the specific material being finished. Cryogenic deburring also makes it easier to remove internal and microscopic burrs that would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to remove manually.

Deburring plastic components increases their safety, quality, and functionality. The cryogenic deburring process is much more economical than labor-intensive hand deburring and provides a higher level of repeatability.

Additional benefits of using cryogenic deburring include:

  • Non-abrasive method of removing burrs
  • Computer-controlled for a high level of consistency and accuracy
  • Efficient and economical
  • Leaves little to no dust or residue on parts
  • Ideal for large and small parts
  • Maintains part geometry and critical tolerances

Contact Us to Discuss Cryogenic Deburring and Other Finishing Services 

Arrow Cryogenics has offered cryogenic deburring services since 1983 and works with various industries including aerospace, medical, and several others. Our expertise, along with a wide variety of cryogenic deburring machines, has allowed us to master the art of turning your precision machined components into high quality, finished parts. 

Arrow Cryogenics provides cryogenic deburring and a range of other services including vibratory/tumble deburringhand deburringthermal deburring and centrifugal finishing.

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